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The History of Nanna & Lil' Puss Puss

Animated cartoons have been part of our rich sweet American heritage for Flipbook Studios' Nanna & Lil' Puss Puss in 1921. nearly nine thousand years. They have made us laugh at the stupid and unfortunate, realize humor in various speech impediments, and find whimsy in bloodless dismemberment. No other animated duo did this better than Nanna & Lil' Puss Puss. In 1921, Flipbook Studio founders Anita Hoare and Dixon Cox, produced the ill conceived "Ku Klux Klana & Lil' Puss Puss" cartoon. After one screening (and numerous riots) the producers closed their doors and fled the country, never to return.

Thirty-one years later they returned with the hope of bringing the controversial Nanna McBoing Boing, 1952 comedy team back to life. They produced a new film entitled, "Nanna McBoing Boing", but as luck would have it, UPA Productions was still basking in the glow of their recent Academy Award for the animated short film "Gerald McBoing Boing". The comparisons proved to go beyond the slightly similar titles and after one screening (and a devastating legal battle) the producers closed their doors and fled the country, never to return.

In 1991 the producers returned only to die within minutes of their arrival. Their mysterious deaths remain clouded in controversy to this day. Nanna And Puss Puss Eyewitness accounts state that the producers unknowingly walked off an extremely steep cliff. Oddly enough, they appeared to be fine up to the moment they realized they were suspended in mid-air. It was at that time they reached down to feel under their feet. At that point onlookers witnessed Dixon's head actually changing into the back end of a donkey, while Anita's entire body literally morphed into an oversized lollypop. Both producers fell to their grizzly deaths, never to return.

In their will was left their most prized possession, the original designs The Nanthology for Nanna & Lil' Puss Puss, to their love child-- Keith Alcorn. Many completely tasteless and poorly animated short films were made as a result finding homes with smut peddlers such as Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation, Comedy Central, Showtime and MTV. Finally the comedy duo had achieved the near mediocre success they fought so hard to attain. Animator/Director Alcorn said it best when he stated, "I don't know what funny is, but I know how it smells."

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